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Originally Posted by EastYoungstown View Post
as far as the coach goes, I'm not sure i would want the job right now.

Gulati is on thin ice and nothing well be set til at least next fall.

if someone gets the job now they would just be a caretaker.

as the saying goes, you dont wanna be the guy to replace the guy, you wanna be the guy that replaces the guy that replaced the guy.
That's what I say too! Who really wants to step in the mess that is USSF? Yeah, we'll probably have a system guy (Ramos, Vermes, etc.). But, there needs to be someone who will help with an overhaul.

International candidates see the headaches that JK had in trying to make changes. That'll shy away numerous quality candidates. Rumor is that Big Sam Allardyce wants to come here. Not for club or country.

Gulati is up for reelection in February. He will be deciding if he wants to run again, or not. There have already been several candidates who have come forward that will be running.
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