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Originally Posted by Philly_Cat View Post
Bingo! I would also look to point out that there are some DA clubs that are fully funded, meaning it is free to play for them. These clubs are usually attached to MLS clubs, thus the money to make that happen. Honestly, fully funded should be the norm across the board for DA clubs. Do that and you will get a larger percentage of the best talent to develop.

Soccer has become an exclusive sport. Regardless of talent, to play at the top you really do need money. The result is a lot of potential talent is pushed away and picked up by other sports because the cost is too much.
Exactly, it's survival of the richest, not survival of the fittest.

If these academies were fully funded the amount of kids trying out for them and the competition to make them would be far more fierce.

Of the kids I know that would absolutely have a chance to make them, maybe 10% even try due to the financial and travel hurdles.
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