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Originally Posted by belied dat View Post
We are not going to compare the development of a 5 year old in a 1-day training/"game" session in an indoor setting for 6 months as a true "year round" for them.

What's the HS season? What's the college season? It runs from late-August (for games) to early-November (unless postseason happens). That leaves September, October, and the weeks that end/begin August/November. So, roughly 2.5 months for 14-22 year olds. That's 8 years of basically having regular training and games for only 2.5 months a year OR 20 out of 96 months (20.8%).

For many areas, they still only do rec soccer in the fall (or spring) within a month of training and games. Club does help offset the calendar a bit, if one can afford it and can access it.

Then, let's incorporate how many are pushed to not "specialize." So, they are then playing less in the "off-season." Whereas, internationally kids play 8-10 months a year AND do more on their own. Every study shows this.
I think you are out of touch man.

I live in Youngstown and you can find soccer games indoor and outdoor year round. That's Youngstown where soccer is barely alive but starting to grow slowly.

I'm sure in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus and Cincinnati you can multiply that times 10. Every weekend of the year, indoor, outdoor and sometimes both.

Outdoor rec is usually at least 100 a head. And there are leagues everywhere, spring and fall.

Indoor teams are 500-800 a session and they are usually full. We have 3 places in the greater Youngstown area that host them (Niles/Cortland/Salem) and they have no problem filling them. Session after session.

Tournaments are 500-800 per team and there are more and more every year across the state at every level.

There's a reason there is a shortage of refs.

And it's not because there's a lack of soccer going on year round.

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