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Originally Posted by 2731 View Post
I honestly agree that this WOULD be a great great thing...

Except, the US is, by far, the greatest at monetizing things that should be "free". That is a fact of our culture and provides much of the opportunity people seek in life.

I love soccer, but it is not nearly big enough nor important enough to break away from the free market and Capitalism, not even close.

We need to find solutions that maximize the benefit of the dollars spent. "Free" isn't even in pipe dream territory.
I'm not one that says it truly has to be "free." But, there's no reason to pay what kids pay. I think fair "supplemental" pay could still happen. Fair pricing can happen.

Youth soccer exists for $25-100 depending on the league. That can still happen throughout "club" soccer. I was president of a club and our pricing was $185-220 per season, depending on the age. Our uniforms were Nike and were probably $40 to be outfitted or so. Purchase 100% online if/when something was needed.

If we want to compare other sports, this is the biggest difference. Basketball, baseball, and football coaches are not paid in the youth leagues. Sure, some may get paid in AAU or club baseball. But, they aren't compensated like club soccer personnel are. It's outrageous.
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