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Originally Posted by cincinnatisoccerfan View Post
OH Yea quit paying $2,000 for Johnny to play Soccer from U7- U13 and getting burned out by coaches so they quit the sport by the time they are 14 and HS age.

Can't wait for the Paid coaches to jump in on this one. PS I have coached and trained for Free for the last 10 years. Even when the club said I had to be paid I gave the money back to the parents or Kids! My teams always paid 1/3 of the going Club Fees won most of the time and almost all of my kids still love the game! It drives those trainer and paid coaches crazy.
Thank you, first and foremost. 1) calling for not paying for club fees; 2) coaching and training for free; 3) giving money back to the parents/kids.

We want to reduce "pay to play" and the club setup, this is how we do it. Quit paying. Quit relying on coaches making full-time salaries. Parents and families take responsibility in the development of the player, don't push it off on someone else. more, train more, and don't rely on 1-3 training sessions a week to "make you better."
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