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Originally Posted by EastYoungstown View Post
Are you serious?

It can be year round for 5 year olds.

Every indoor place runs sessions from at least November 1 til the end of April. Rec and travel seasons bridge that gap.

You can probably find a soccer tourney in Ohio somewhere almost every weekend of the year now.
We are not going to compare the development of a 5 year old in a 1-day training/"game" session in an indoor setting for 6 months as a true "year round" for them.

What's the HS season? What's the college season? It runs from late-August (for games) to early-November (unless postseason happens). That leaves September, October, and the weeks that end/begin August/November. So, roughly 2.5 months for 14-22 year olds. That's 8 years of basically having regular training and games for only 2.5 months a year OR 20 out of 96 months (20.8%).

For many areas, they still only do rec soccer in the fall (or spring) within a month of training and games. Club does help offset the calendar a bit, if one can afford it and can access it.

Then, let's incorporate how many are pushed to not "specialize." So, they are then playing less in the "off-season." Whereas, internationally kids play 8-10 months a year AND do more on their own. Every study shows this.
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