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Originally Posted by AllBoutHoops View Post
Looks like the honeymoon is over at Glenoak. 4 games in talk of a lack of discipline by observers and supporters making excuses that you don't coach a kid with the same makeup at Glenoak ad the ones at STA. Guess what, folks! You don't get to make those excuses! A coach is hired to build that makeup in the kids he's coaching. That's the job. My guess is he lost some respect right out of the gate with his players by scheduling a scrimmage with Chippewa and STA. Kids at Glenoak are smart enough to know they don't play teams like that so it doesn't make much sense to scrimmage them, tonight being exhibit A. Things are gonna get tougher at Glenoak before they get better.
It's a good thing they don't play STA, since they are better than GO this year and would beat them. In fact, Aquinas has been better than GlenOak in basketball for the better part of this decade and has been one of the better programs in the area regardless of division.

GlenOak is losing because they don't have much talent and are just not good, not for some nonsense reason. That was one of the most creative reasons I have ever heard for why a team is losing.
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