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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Look AHUMM the context of that argument or discussion is lost on you it wasn't about Hartley and Coffman, just his need to knock Coffman by saying Hartley did well in the Coffman 7 on 7 even though they were a RUN FIRST team ,So follow me closely here , his arguments are always that Hartley has average personnel but over achieves , so his attempt to belittle Coffman as a 7 on 7 team that summer which isn't all that important by the way as most know , made my argument that they had very good athletes .

That's it, there is no comparing the two as competitors so you don't know the context this goes back two years . Davidson schedule is not arduous , Coffman does a lot of things right in many areas , you don't agree we don't give a crap . I'll take Coffman kids future successes compared with Davidson's kids every day and twice on Sunday's which isn't to belittle Davidson kids they are great kids who work hard and it is a good school , your opinion of doing it right is irrelevant , never said or implied Hartley doesn't win , we al know their record and average margin in Regional play as I have posted about .
Thanks for clarifying. I still dont follow the "Ahuuuuummmm" reference. Sounds like some inside joke that is probably really funny? AHM are my initials, no secret agenda.

My comment was if Coffman wanted to really be a real player in the state, play good people. You ran down their schedule. I dont think its real good or real tough? you compare yourself to Davidson. Davidson has won state titles. They have done it on the field. What do they need to prove. You have a great school at coffman. On the Valedictorian Forum I bet you will dominate. but this is high School football forum and you guys just are never as good as you should be. Sorry. Lots of talents. Lots of hype on signing day. But dont worry, the kids will be ready for basketball season. every year. Thats just the kind of program you have. Be proud. You beat Davidson at the valedictorian forum.

I dont follow the Hartley over achieves/under achieves comment or argument. Havent they won several state championships lately? Including the last two? Is there another level to achieve? Call it over achieve or underachieve, but thats the best you can do. Win the state championship. You cant be universal champions. Just state champions. I just dont understand the Hartley vs. Coffman argument. Hartley has a better program, no matter the division. No one would argue that. Again, im no more or less a hartley fan than anyone else. But I respect those teams that win and do it right. win on the field, dont cheat, etc.
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