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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Davidson down last year ? Hmmm lets see , they won the league beat the crap out UA who beat Pick Central , not a vintage HD team by any means but " DOWN" no a solid team and a program that is running out of steam just a bit , a slow ebbing of excellence , relatively speaking of course as they have been the most successful the last 15 years no question.

I agree beating Davidson last year was no great shakes to be honest, and losing to them was somewhat embarrassing , certainly an incredibly poor game plan in game one that was as bad as I have seen in watching this program , BUT HD did improve and beat a good UA team rather easily so they proved to be not too bad , and that UA team gained a ton of yards against the big bad great PC team THAT IS FEARED and actually somehow beat them a team that beat Wayne.

No I don't believe in comparative score analysis to make a great point , but you are the one that brought it up. Again why the interest in commenting on what you perceive as a below average not worth discussing program that no one respects ?

You see I actually respect the Hartley program and it's talent and say so often , you are the one that downplays the personnel , . I remember you saying that Hartley doing well in the 7 on 7 at Coffman even beating them in a game probably to discredit Coffman which is silly because anyone knows that Coffman is good at 7 on 7 , but what you really did was blow your own poor mouth we don't have any talent argument and only win because of coaching and being great people argument it shows that despite being a run mostly team YOU HAVE ATHELTES THAT HELP YOU IN 7 ON 7 REAL GOOD ATHLETES .

Of course you sometimes forget the point you atr trying to make when you are constantly trying to belittle Coffman
Why are arguments between Hartley and Coffman? I dont get it? Are they connected in any way? Will they play-I know Hartley is playing OCC teams? I guess I am lost to why they are connected?

I dont understand the point about the "ATHELTES" to help in a 7 on 7? Did I miss something? Doesnt Hartley really win on the field, as well?

Not trying to start a fight. Just asking why this peculiar interest in Hartley and Coffman.
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