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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
3} Open - Wayne makes no sense , not only because they are at the top of the food chaion but they usually play them in the play-offs , why play them in week three?
Maybe because the rest of the schedule isn't prepping you adequately for the playoffs. Maybe losing to them week 3 will teach you how to beat them week 12 or 13. You open with two D-2 teams and drew complete crap weeks 6, 7, and 9. What can you do? Conference is conference. OOC though is up to you. Man up. If nothing else, you might gain some respect from the rest of the state. There's only two 10-0 D1 OCC teams that worry the rest of the field in week 11, and you're not either of them. Nobody says, yeah but they beat Davidson. They say, man, Davidson must be down.

Or maybe it was just a rhetorical question.
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