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By the way if your implication is it's an everyone gets an award type liberal soft palce to live and you see yourself as a tough guy only the champs should get any notice conservative Dublin is MAJORITY CONSERVATIVE.

So what was your implication about what it says about the schools this designating more valedictorians ? You never expounded on your thoughts about it and what it actually means in your very very humble opinion that is ?

I am interested in your opinion on this ? Just to clue you in in many high schools kids purposefully take EASIER classes later on to hold on to their number one ranking , happsn all the time , may be just may be this is ONE of the reasons they don't want ths race to the top by going easy dynamic ? It certainly isn't because competition is frowned upon in this community that is for sure . In fact academic rigor is more than encouraged even it means the GPA may go down by challenging yourself , again you seem to see this as a negative like you see most things about this place but then again , I am sure you klive in Shangri La a utopian society of tough guys of course
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