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First off I mentioned the kids academic success and the programs and schools success in reference to your denouncement of it as I ABHOR this type of PLACE and program and the way they do things.

Glad to see you read EVERY one of my posts it seems , I don't look for you by the way EVEN WITH YOUR INCREDIBLE BREADTH OF WISDOM And though provoking and interesting material . I don't constantly refer to this , barely talked academics in 40 + pages on the Huddle in the 2015 Dublin Thread .

Very well aware that there are other districts right on par with Dub City schools within Central Ohio , it' s a major strength of the region in terms of having great places to live. The Public schools being very strong overall is a huge reason for that and Dublin IS NOT ALONE , never said they were Dick .

Thanks for being a very loyal reader , much appreciated , even if you abhor Dublin and the Schools sports programs and people most likely fro not doing things " THE RIGHT WAY { although by most measureables that are important it suggests the opposite actually things are being done pretty well, if the wrong way most results are pretty damn good } I am sure where you live is much much better
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