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Would like some opinions on the 7 on 7 sat. I could only watch the play in games. I thought they looked good for this time of year. Brown made some great throws, some with touch, and others with some heat. But, he also missed open receivers, throw some that wen the other way. Overall Brown played well. Receivers all played well, some good hands shown by Ernst, and a young Grady . Coffman has the receivers to function as a solid group so that opposing defenses will have to respect.
I was pleasantly surprised with the DB play. 6-8 guys that could play in the backfield. Each player it seemed to have some strenthes and weakness. Who they send out on Friday night is up in the air I bet.
Overall, they looked solid. And seem ready for the final push to the season start. Looking forward to the early season games. Especially, week two battle for Dublin against Scioto. After the 3rd week of the season should have a feel for potential of this team.
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