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I think it's Brown's to lose , Marcus Ernst is a natural athlete who showed well at slot last year and I think since he is not playing college football { Ohio State baseball commit} he stays there and if needed plays some snaps at QB.

I agree with Scrump , that the team may run the rock more this season, they are usually a 50-50 team with some years actually running it more than passing overall and I think this year could be one of those years .

Two good RB'S and a few other kids who can carry it , Gavin Sturdivant has been productive whenever he has bene out there , but hasn't been healthy at times missing a good handful of games , Cam Scott looked fast in track this year and can effectively play at RB as well , if Gavin gets the majority of touches back there I would like to see Cam paly at another position or on defense and still get some carries on offense as well , have to try to get your best football players on the field at the same time as much as you can in my opinion.

Defense will be solid, I thin now being in R-2 could be as good be the top 10 percent at least of all defenses in that region . Only had one bad game and another game had a bad half { Upper Arlington } all season on defense .

Springfield game gave up a few big plays to Danny Davis , Wayne game they got beat even when they covered well against Blue Smith , and the offense couldn't get out of it's own way giving Wayne a few short fields along with a special team gaffe.

UA game they got run on by UA and they hit a few play ion the passing game scoring 21 points but they shut them out in the second half .

Coffman beat some teams badly last year on the scoreboard, but the disparity wasn't as great as that score indicated { Olentangy by 35 Scioto by 40} sometimes things get out of control like they did for Coffman against Wayne , you have a favorable match-up in a few areas the other team turns it over a few times, panics and it's a rout .

Rocks will be a real contender in R-2 no question, the defensive backfield as usual has athletes, just a question of finding the best 4-6 kids and plugging them in , would like to see the staff play a few kids both ways in a situational way, not full time on both sides but utilize some kids full potential and range of skills.

Scrump is right , front 7 is solid, LB crew may be as good as we have seen at Coffman in a while , three kids who will play in College and get paid to do so , two D-lineman who played a lot of snaps in Darius Cummings who is athletic and quick and played RB before and Cole Bagozzi who squats over 500 pounds . they have some experience speed some toughness and kids who are always in position led by LB Griffin Hoak who is the captain of the defense making the calls .
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