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Big lines.

Originally Posted by 2021 View Post
Only one of the transfers has to sit the first five games.

Both lines and the LBs are big.
NDCL played four teams that had very big lines last season. Hoban, Padua, LC and WS. Hoban and Padua were successful while LC went 5-5 and WS, 1-9. NDCL does not have a big line ever. In fact, they are lucky to average 220# on offense and usually are less than that. Yet, NDCL has been quite successful over the past six years. I attribute it to superior coaching, speed and athleticism. I don't see Coach Mooney doing anything special to attract super-big linemen although the team does have some exceptions. His ideal player seems to be 5'10" or taller with a weight of 170# and up with an accent on speed and athleticism. At the college level, it reminds me of Penn State. Paterno always said speed first and size second. Just saying.
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