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Back to topic, Luke Kennard has had a better High school career than everyone of those kids you mention except for Cook, and its not close. Dunbar is a much better program than Franklin and that is obvious, but were not talking about program Wins and Losses.

I love we have a place like Dunbar that keeps Dayton relevant on a national HS basketball stage consistently. Thought why cant we give it up for a kid who made Team USA, got a ride to Duke and may get major minutes as a Frosh. And opps he could have been a DI quarterback. And Opps every team that comes into for Flying to the Hoop he represents Dayton by lighting there rear end up.

If Kennard has the career arch of Cole he will be a legend in Dayton. If he regresses like Cook did (I honestly believe he did not improve after he left Dunbar) then he will be having the similar career arch.
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