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Originally Posted by Looseball View Post
I' m tired hearing about all the Dunbar kids. Just because they load up every year like an AAU team doesn't make all of those guys great players. Every year Dunbar gets the best 8th graders out of the entire City League (several hundred to pick from) and then raids the Catholic grade schools if they need to. Then they play in the D2 tournament. The only schools who have the advantage Dunbar has is the GCL South, and if you notice, they never play them. Also, other than Norris Cole what Dunbar player has lived up to his potential at the next level. Don't say Cooke. Didn't start at OSU and now is out of the League.
Well, I would say Mark Baker who played at Dunbar and was an all-american and then went on to Ohio State and was very successful as a Buckeye and was part of Back to Ba k Big Ten Championships and was one of the top 5 assist leaders of all time when he left. I would say he lived up to his potential coming out of Dunbar and going to the next level.
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