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Originally Posted by John336 View Post
add Cornelius Cash, Duck Springer and AJ Harris and Luke would not make Dunbars top ten based on talent not his resume
Strong statement... I will agree Dunbar has probably the richest history of basketball talent in the dayton area but what is it about Luke's game that makes you think he doesn't have the TALENT to make the ALL-DUNBAR team. Is it the 3rd team all American? Is it the U18 team he just made? Is it the back to back player of the year in Ohio DII, which dunbar plays in? Maybe his 2014 Mr Basketball? The full ride to Duke or ANY school he wanted to go to because EVERY MAJOR D1 Coach wanted him? Maybe his Football offensive player of the year award? I cant put my finger on what it is so elaborate on what it takes to make John336 all Dunbar team instead of ALL-AMERICAN...

Not trying to single out John336 so anyone elaborate..... dont give me excuses give me actual feedback and an actual rebuttal/facts not your opinions
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