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Originally Posted by SuburbanWunderkind View Post
I don't have a dog in this fight. I'm not from Franklin, nor am I from within the Dayton city limits. It's foolish to say Kennard isn't one of the best handful of players to play high school ball in the area in most of our lifetimes.

I like Norris Cole. I wanted UD to recruit him back when he had no D1 offers and UD had a need for PGs. I don't think anyone could see what he'd ultimately become, but it was clear he could play at a higher D1 level than the Horizon or even MAC. Many college coaches whiffed, none bigger than Brian Gregory, who worked literally down the street from Dunbar High and saw plenty of him while recruiting Benson. In some ways, being on those insanely loaded Dunbar teams may have hurt Cole as college recruit, because he never really got to dominate games as a featured player in ways Luke, Chris Wright, Brooks Hall, and even Juwan Staten and others could.

That said, Kennard is a better HS player by a WIDE margin. It's not close. You put Cook, Pogue, Anderson and a young Benson around Kennard, and they win the state title with me and 4 other yappi posters on the bench. They probably win the state title in all 50 states. Heck, they'd have been the 2nd or 3rd best team at the U18 tourney Kennard will play in later this week.

The best teammates Kennard had were two tall twins who were D2 college talents at best, and that was only his freshman year. The others are/were a baseball player and kids who will no doubt play the biggest basketball games of their lives in a franklin uniform. You can't compare the two programs when it comes to depth. It's insane to judge Luke the player by what Dunbar the program has accomplished. You're also doing a disservice to Dunbar, Thurgood Marshall, Alter and CJ by assuming great players should just win state on their own. You realize how hard it is to come out of Dayton D2? No one player can do it. You need 8 or 9 really good ones, at least. There is a reason Franklin runs out of steam in the second half vs Dunbar and Thurgood, and it sure isn't Luke. It's the other 9 names on the roster for each team.

Kennard is the best area HS player I have seen. That includes Daequan Cook, and I think very highly of Daequan Cook. I just think Luke is better. Others may not, and that's fine. It's certainly close. If you're under the age of 35 like I am, those two are the only two that should be at the top of your list. They stand above the rest.

College and pro career will be what they will be, I think he'll be very good at Duke and make a fine living for a decade or more somewhere in the world if not the NBA. But strictly as a HS talent, you won't find a better one from the Miami Valley than Luke Kennard.
Fantastic post! Completely agree.
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