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Originally Posted by winbypin View Post
It's all a good discussion.
Exactly, that's what I enjoy. Thank you.

I'm not sure the reason "why" this discussion got started or not. I could read back, but I'd rather not. But, basically, I think it's great to have "random" match-ups to see variance in the state tournament...especially late in the tournament.

I'm not all for limiting teams from the state tournament. But, I simply brought that up because IF travel is an argument, IF costs are an argument, etc. then there's ways to limit both. If travel and costs are that big of a deal, then people will be missing out on an opportunity and postseason participation is limited.

I think it'd be great to see "top teams" from the same city be able to compete for a state title. Right now, that's not possible. Someone would get knocked out in the last 16, 8, or 4. It's setup that way. If it happens by random, so be it. For a "random draw" setup, one really would look at the possibility of traveling a little farther for maybe 2-3 games. That's it. Adds a little new flavor to the state tournament.
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