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Originally Posted by iluvsnow View Post
The games may be at 7....but for the half hour warm-up period etc....the team has to be there by 6:15. That means indeed...the departure is right in the heart of rush hour. A bus cannot make it from Centerville to Piqua on a weeknight in 45 minutes in that time slot. NO where close based on what its like in downtown Dayton on I-75 during rush hour...or the time just to get from Centerville's high school to the Interstate at that time of day.
Yes, they would depart Piqua in this example about 5. By the time they make it to Edwin Moses Blvd (UD Arena exit), it would be about 5:40-5:45 due to bus travel. It's another 20-25 minutes to Magsig in Centerville. That would have them getting off the bus about 6:10. And those are inflated times due to traffic and bus travel.

I travel 75 every day during rush hour is this area. Barring any accidents, most of rush hour is out of the way by the time their bus is rolling through.
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