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Originally Posted by EastYoungstown View Post
that's a leap

what's the longest distance above? 45 minutes?
Off the top of my head, there were 3 of those games that are minimum 60 minutes by bus. Add in traffic allowance, which many do and it's much longer than 60 minutes, probably 90 minutes. I gave those as an example, that's only Division I.

It's simple to Google Map any of those schools (like Piqua and Centerville) and say, "that's a 45 minute drive." Yes, maybe it could be by Mommy or Daddy driving in their car/truck/van/SUV. They aren't that by school bus, if that's what the schools are doing -- and most are.

Travel will be farther in other divisions as they are outside the population densities more in DII and DIII.

Originally Posted by EastYoungstown View Post
You are essentially making up problems that don't exist

what do you propose?
If we REALLY want to make-up for travel costs, referee costs, away from family time, possible missed class, late nights, etc. then we'd not allow for all teams to make postseason.

Make conferences actually "mean something." Place top 2 (or whatever number is adequate for the conference/league) in your conference/league, make postseason tournament. Very similar to football.

Referee numbers struggled this year, cancelled games all the time for low numbers. Why continue stretching referees during postseason? Reduce games and get best referees refereeing in the postseason.

I don't know all divisional breakdowns, but I would assume there's around 100 teams per division. There's probably 20-30% of each division that does not deserve to play postseason. Seriously, what sense do 11-0 match-ups in postseason really do for anyone?

Why should teams that have 0, 2, 4, etc. wins play a postseason game just to lose by 8+ goals? There's no "experience" or "value" that's really garnered from it. They've already had a whole season of doing the same.
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