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Originally Posted by winbypin View Post
How far away do you think piqua is from Centerville anyway? It's not 2 hours. That whole argument is silly. Following your logic there shouldn't have even been a tournament in 2015 & 2016 in d3 since summit beat everyone so badly.

Not even sure why you brought up first round games since we were talking about the regional tournament level anyway. Actually, I don't know why you're arguing with me in general. I said a blind draw would be interesting. Not sure it's better though. And yes, despite what you said, there are legitimate travel concerns.
Piqua is over an hour from Centerville. If game starts at 7pm, ends near 9pm. Add time for food, changing, talking, etc. and they are back near 11pm...which is what I stated.

I brought up first round games, exactly why I stated it: if we care about travel and time away (potentially missing class) then we should do away with EVERY team making postseason play. It's literally stated before the scores reported. Travel isn't really THAT big of a concern if we allow hundreds of games to be played by teams that don't deserve to play postseason. Know how much money is being wasted there? That adds additional facility concerns, referee concerns, travel concerns, and health concerns.

I didn't state no one should make the tournament. I asked why every team should make the tournament. It's not hard to restrict tournament to those that deserve to be there, especially if we want to claim travel as a concern. Not everyone makes postseason in football. Could limit it to top 1-2 in conference play, that way conferences actually mean something.

I'm not arguing with you. It's a discussion. The first couple of paragraphs in my reply were to you. The rest was additional, sorry for the lack of clarity there.
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