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Originally Posted by winbypin View Post
Blind draw at the regional level could be interesting. There are legitimate logistics concerns though and as someone pointed out, OHSAA can't just pick a stadium in the middle....that school has to be willing to host the game. So some common sense locations based on the two teams playing just might not work.

I don't know that it changes anything for the "better". Just makes things "different."
If I'm not mistaken, hosting locations are submitted before the tournament starts. All schools know that they could host, so the opportunity presents itself to a half-way meeting spot or close enough.

Travel is semi-known by the OHSAA administration. If it weren't, then we'd have much more sensible placement of matches. Anderson could have picked up Sycamore on the way to their District Semi-final played at Lakota West. Much "easier" locations to choose from if travel is actually a concern with the decision making.

Additionally, if we really wanted to talk about traveling for postseason, missed classes, etc. then we should bring up the fact that EVERY high school team gets to play in postseason. If we really cared about missed classes, travel, and the like then we'd only allow teams worthy of postseason play into the tournament.

Some scores in DI boys state tournament:
  • St. Ignatius v. Valley Forge - 11-0 (2nd round)
  • University School v. Lake Catholic - 7-1 (District Final)
  • Normandy v. John Hay -- 11-0 (1st round)
  • Glenoak v. Washington -- 9-0 (1st round)
  • Toledo DeSales v. Lima Senior -- 11-0 (2nd round)
  • Archbishop Hoban v. Kenmore-Garfield -- 11-0 (1st round)
  • St. John's Jesuit v. Bowsher -- 11-0 (1st round)
  • Avon Lake v. Lorain -- 11-0 (1st round)
  • Anthony Wayne v. Columbian -- 10-0 (1st round)
  • Dublin Jerome v. Tri-Valley -- 9-0 (2nd round)
  • Olentangy v. Marion Harding -- 12-1 (1st round)
  • Moeller v. Winton Woods -- 9-0 (2nd round)
  • Centerville v. Piqua -- 11-0 (2nd round)
  • Beavercreek v. Stebbins -- 10-0 (2nd round)
  • Sycamore v. Northwest -- 10-0 (1st round)
  • Anderson v. Withrow -- 9-0 (1st round)
  • Anderson v. Mt. Healthy -- 9-0 (2nd round)
  • Carroll v. West Carrollton -- 9-0 (1st round)
  • Carroll v. Fairborn -- 8-0 (2nd round)

Many of these games were weeknight kickoffs at 7:00pm. Can you imagine the 11-0 loss for Piqua to then travel from Centerville to Piqua? By the time they get back it'll be near 11:00pm. Gasp!
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