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Originally Posted by belied dat View Post
I just gave prime examples of games that DID already take place. Everyone has heard the complaints about match-ups anytime in the postseason. They range from: terrible neutral site venue, unfair seeding, don't get to see the best teams because X-school has an easier avenue, etc.

A few years ago I saw a DeSales v. Carroll game get a "neutral" venue of Bellbrook (I believe that's where it was). Make one team drive while other gets to go in own back yard. Different sport, but recently Boone County HS (Kentucky) had a first-round (gasp!) postseason football game against in Paducah, a 4.5 hour drive! I really can go on with relative distances in any state and any school.

For the most part, you can get a match-up of anywhere in the state and "meet in the middle" for 1.5-2 hour drive. That's simple. It was probably an hour-plus drive for the Anderson v. Beavercreek match this fall, traffic between the two can be a bear. An extra half-hour is not a big deal if they now drive to Columbus to play a different opponent. Then, there's the possibility of seeing an Anderson v. Beavercreek state final! Now, let's talk about attendance to that one...
No matter who the State Champ ends up being, they have to face someone in early rounds, and rightly or not, those early opponents will often think they deserved to be in the finals.
I don't have players anymore, but no system will ever satisfy everyone. The current setup works pretty well, and other than the extraordinary Summit team of 2016, produces competitive Championship games at all levels. DI had OT in both the semis and finals this year. Can't get more balanced than that.
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