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Originally Posted by EastYoungstown View Post
Also keep in mind those club kids choose to make those long trips. You are making this mandatory. Soccer is expensive enough, right?

Also, that's Alaska. that's a complete outlier.
Again, neutral sites do not make ANY 3-5 hour travel mandatory. Medina played Sylvania Northview in Sandusky. See how that works? Columbus St. Francis DeSales played Alexander at Bloom-Carroll. Mansfield Christian played Ottawa Hills at Lima Senior, which saved 15-20 minutes of travel AND was out of the way for both schools.

It may have been Alaska, but it's rather common. There's tons of travel times for schools around the country. It's rather spread out, if you didn't know. Kansas has like 75 schools in the whole state with soccer. South Dakota has 30ish. North Dakota has like 15. Imagine those travel times just for regular season games. A random draw in final 16 (or 8) is not that hard to do. It's not adding that much travel, if any.

Seeing new match-ups would be awesome. Seeing opportunities for kids who may not have the same in its current structure would be awesome (example: anyone from southeastern Ohio who gets paired with DeSales, seemingly never wins).
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