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Originally Posted by ICBM View Post
While you may be correct about Girard losing to LaBrae, I dont see it. This is basically the same team that dominated LaBrae last year, minus one receiver and a couple linemen lost to graduation. I dont believe LaBrae improved that much and this game is at Girard. A win over a final 9-1 Labrae along with a win over Liberty who would finish 7-3, could boost Girard to a possible home game in round one. I'm seeing a total point value of 18-19.1 for Girard. But then again, if they lose one game, they're spectators. And what happens with Struthers and Hubbard plays big in who's at home as well.
I do agree with you about Girard being about the same as last year. The difference is yes LaBrae has improved that much. They were just 5-5 last year. This year they are just destroying all those same teams.You can look at the difference in the scores from last year. They have a lot of different weapons with speed this year too. Believe me I want Girard to win, and not that I think they can't, but it will be a challenge this year. Not going to be no 55-21, like last year though The 2 things going for Girard is at home, and they desperately need to win this game. LaBrae can lose it, and probably still make the playoff
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