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I'm curious about what other states do so I spent some end-of-year time in my classroom putting a spreadsheet together. Then I found an article on MileSplit NY with information borrowed from a college coach who had done something similar. That is here:

Many of you might be more aware of what other states are doing than myself, but I found this really interesting.

It does SEEM that, even now with our two At-Large qualifiers, we have among the strictest qualifying procedures of the top 8 states by population, Ohio being 7th.

Of these eight states, California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Illinois have qualifying standards in addition to qualifying by place. The standards are usually made up of some kind of historical average of middle-placing marks at their state meet. Interesting note, New York allows individuals and relays to meet a qualifying standard throughout the season at qualifying meets, similar to our indoor season.

Texas, Florida, and North Carolina do not have any qualifying standards, but all do have at-large qualifiers in some form. They also have more divisions. Florida has twice the population of Ohio and only has 4 divisions, but they qualify 4 by place to the state meet, and then take the next 8 fastest times across the division. Texas has arguably the strictest standards now that Ohio does at-larges, with almost 3 times the population of Ohio, having 6 divisions, and only taking 1 At-Large per division, but they allow 3 individual entries per team. Georgia, slightly smaller in population than Ohio, has 8 divisions, and divides public and private.

Ohio was the only state among these that had previously not taken any At-Large qualifiers.
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