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Originally Posted by psycho_dad View Post
I think this essentially kills having a 4th division which I feel is more fair. I do not think there is a need to include more D3 and D2 athletes, but I do feel that the current D1 should be split into 2 divisions and give those kids a more "fair" opportunity to compete at the state level. I was a D3/D2 competitor and D2 coach, so I'm not some D1 homer. Just my opinion.

I feel that better competition makes for better competition. We usually compete in a tougher District and Regional. It might make it so we qualify less kids, but the kids we do qualify are better for the tougher competition.

I have never been to the state meet and thought the races would be better if only the 5th place finisher or 6th place from a Region was there.

We have had instances where our usually weaker competitor beat out our usually better competitor to go on to Regional and even the State Meet. We don't vote kids All-State. It's not ones body of work, but one performance on a single day. Mess that up or get sick or fall down and it's over. Just the way the sport is.

I don't care that someone runs a low 9's and isn't at the state meet while a 10+ is there. I don't really care about times. Just don't. My best races were not necessarily my best times.

If I were king, it would be top 4 only. I'm not, so I'm good with the next 2 fastest making it. Like was said, there is going to be a relay or individual that wins a state championship from next 2 best times and I personally do not think that is fair to the kids that beat them. No one is going to go for 5th as a sure way of getting in. It's luck at that point and we are penalizing those that eliminated them in the race. That's my opinion.

I have a big issue with it not being field events. Do it all or don't do it.

I'm not complaining for the sake of complaining. I am fine with the change, I just disagree with it. More participation is for JV meets and dual meets. Not the state meet. Only my opinion.
Good points, I had not considered that D2 and D3 are not really in need of this fix. Adding a 4th division would make each division pretty small (about 170) schools when compared to other sports.
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