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This dual is fraught with peril for tOSU with 9 of 10 matches featuring H2H ranked opponents. While 8 of those favor the Buckeyes, several could flip with a performance like last week. I think tOSU is safe at 125, 141 (only match not H2H ranked), 149, 197 (Moore gets back on track) and 285. IMO, 133 is a coin toss (Pletcher won 7-5 at CK) but until he loses I'll keep going with him. Micah is higher seeded than Panteleo but lost to him 10-3 at CK. 165 will be another loss to a tough opponent for Campbell. 174, 184 and 197 should be rebound wins for the Bucks, although all with tough opponents (especially 174 & 184). And Snyder is listed as an either Kyle or Kevin - not sure why. If they've clinched the win does Ryan throw Kevin out to save some wear and tear on Captain America?

In the rankings, tOSU could run the table winning everything except 165 and get no bump in the polls.

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