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Originally Posted by irish_buffalo View Post
^ - this is not about the government. It so ultra vogue right now to be anti-government (as long as it does not involve the military).

It is NOT best mandated by youth organizations.

As I said before, there are certain laws or guidelines in effect to help kids because sadly sometime the kid or his parents cannot make the right decision (smoking, seat belt, movie ratings).

3rd grade flag football actually helps develop more football skill than 3rd grade tackle.
Why do you only care about the brain health of kids under 13? Acceptable risk for kids over 13? Is a 13 yo kid able to make a good decision concerning their health? Are 17 yo? How about 25 yo? If I want to drive without my seatbelt, that's my business. But the government has decided to correct it. What if I want to play college ball? Same risks. Should the government ban football all together? At what point do you think individuals can be permitted to make decisions and live their life as they see fit? 13????
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