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Originally Posted by thavoice View Post
Bad idea.
Not the whole tackle football thing until 7th grade, but having congress and the NFL mandate this.

YOuth football is not a prerequisite for a good HS football team.

We have 6 HS teams in the county. The three with youth football before seventh grade has zero titles and rarely make the playoffs.

The three schools that start football in 7th grade (all public) have a combined 17 state titles and likely 1 more this year.....all since the early 90s and most since 2000.
I have to revisit my post from last fall. Two of the 3 county schools who dont have FB until 7th grade added TWO state champions last year, and another just outside the county who also starts in 7th grade also won a title.

Reiterating once again.....youth football is no pre requisite for a good, hell, great, HS team
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