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Yeaaaaa! I love this idea it is so great! But why stop there?!

We should ban all forms of baseball till the age of 13. Before that everyone must play wiffle ball. For many reasons this make sense. A baseball can do significant damage to the human body. Children should not be swinging around metal bats that could lead to someone getting hurt. Also get rid of the competitive play. We should not be keeping score in youth sports as it ends up hurting children s feelings/emotions. We should ban all sporting equipment tied to youth sports from major retailers to provide better enforcement on childhood safety. NFL.COM should have the same age restrictions as porn websites. And any form of marketing done by the NFL must include a banner underneath informing of the injuries one could incur much like tobacco. And finally you should go vote for Hillary Clinton so that our entire male population by 2050 is a bunch of self absorbed, metro-sexual, pacifist. That way our country can be invaded because no one here would ever have the guts to do anything about it because "well I might get hurt"

Its called life bub! You get scratched you break bones, but it makes you tougher. Are there things in youth sports that should be handled in a better manner yes. But shoot I remember playing youth football and doing the bull in the ring drill. Every kid out there turned out just fine!
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