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cabe, few people understand where I am coming from.

Grandfather played pro, dad played college, I played college, my oldest step-son decided not to play in college due to concussions and acl tear, the youngest will probably play college. I've been around. I know what I am talking about.

My dad started me in the 3rd grade because duh, the sooner you start, the tougher you will be, etc...It did me no good. I'd a been the same player had I started in the 7th grade or 3rd.

The community I live in started flag football when my youngest was in the 3rd grade (we did not start tackle until 5th and 6th grade). They offered flag for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. It was amazing. Participation was through the roof and when it came time to start tackle (5th grade - you had option) it was the largest numbers our community had ever seen. After all, every kid gets to be a RB, QB, WR, TE, DB, LB, or blitzer. It was great. Then about two years later some real tough guy dads, you know, the ones that MAYBE played some pee-wee football themselves and now have tattoos and a goatee thought it was all sissy and needed to start a 3rd grade tackle team. Once that happened, many other dads believed their kids would fall behind if they did not play football so they joined as well or simply did not play because the kids remaining in flag would certainly be 2nd class in school. You know, whimps. Now numbers are back to being low. You have the one kid who is done growing as a 6th grader getting the old pitch toss 38 times a game. Tackling is bad, blocking is worse. Kids lead with their heads (dropped usually). Most kids bodies are not yet developed (they don't have that 'man' skin yet). Now you have ONE qb, and ONE rb, and have pushed kids away.

Some people get it, some don't. But I'm telling you it would be the best for everyone if they would start tackle football in the 7th grade and play flag up until that point.

Many people know this to be true (coaches, rec directors) but have no power over preventing a group of dads from starting a 3rd grade pee-wee tackle team.

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