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Originally Posted by Football 101 View Post
ok maybe I am out of any reasonable loop but I have to ask.

Has anyone in an official capacity of Louisville talked with anyone in an official capacity at New Philly & Dover? and CCC?

There is 3 schools that are indy or facing an indy slate. I mean that could take the place of 8, 9, 10? The Federal League has a floating bye week.

If the Leps are adding Green, Lake, and Perry to NC then why not two years ago try to mesh these games up with those weeks. Massillon has flexibility with their openings.

Filling Fed games in to the first 3 weeks would be foolish knowing they have the floating bye week and killing the chance of finding new opponents.

IF things are happening and just not announced then ok, but really this is a bad show if the claim is they can't find anything now. What the heck is going on there!!!!!!!
I wouldn’t hold my breath that anybody in Louisville is trying to initiate the conversation on creating a league. We can’t even seem to fill a schedule out. The new ad is under qualified for what we needed.
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