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Originally Posted by ELDERfbfan View Post
Defensively Elder needs to shut down #81 and get pressure in the backfield. Not sure how tall 81 is and if any of the Elder DB's can match his height but he could cause issues for the DBs.
Elder's o-line should get a good push up front for the ground attack, gotta watch the edges for the outside blitz. I think LaSalle is better at stopping the pass but shots downfield and/or over the middle will be available.
Hope the weather doesn't become an issue but should be a good game all around probably a tight game something like 28-21 in a toss up.
Whyle is 6-7, no Elder DB can match that. That's why Austing matched up on him makes some sense. Austing's a tweener b/w LB and S. He's played well in cvg vs big Receivers. Whyle has good speed for his size, but nothing near the speed of Khayo or Prince from WW.

From what I've read on this site, the LS Secondary, outside of Hillenbrand, has struggled. Their strength is the LB core of Bledsoe, Uran, and Ingle. I think Ingle has been out the past few games, but Bledsoe and Uran are outstanding v the run.

I believe Elder is going to come out throwing the ball quite a bit. I think you'll see a lot of the same play calling as in the Moe the game.
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