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Originally Posted by Michael Bluth View Post
lol at Cleveland firing the city's best GM ever
I haven't really dug out any truly pertinent info, but I haven't heard much for mass consumption, either. I'm hearing a lot of radio fools and their callers demonizing Gilbert, but none of them have real details.

How much and how long did Griffin want ? Was it really an acrimonious dismissal, or did Gilbert merely give the man complete freedom to move on and cut a new deal ? As I said earlier, Griffin's stock will probably never be higher. I'm sure he wants to capitalize now. The last thing he wants is to keep making short term moves to win now and have a contract with Gilbert run out during a rebuild that hasn't shown results yet. Sometimes people's individual goals don't align. Nothing wrong with that.

Then, is there an elephant in the room not being really discussed anywhere ? Another impediment to a long-term contract ? Are big, faceless insurance companies the only ones permitted to "discriminate" on the basis of health history ?

Griffin balanced it all the past couple of seasons while dealing with his third cancer scare since first being diagnosed in 2006. While he isn't currently battling cancer, there were still long blood treatment sessions every month as a result of his previous chemotherapy.
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