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Originally Posted by cjb56 View Post
Between Griffin and LBJ, they saddled the team with a lot of dead weight and a few bad contracts. They got one championship out of it, and so far...three Finals trips, so it has not been a failure, but GS is built to sustain their run, while the Cavs are not. They will have to get creative to win another.
Cavs aren't going away. It's a relatively young roster outside of the bench and locked up for multiple years.

Cavs routed the Warriors in game 4 and were right there in game 3 and 5. They finish it in game 3 it's a completely different series. GS is not unbeatable. Heck if Zaza doesn't go Karate Kid on Kawhi they might not have made it out of the West.

This chicken little nonsense coming from Cleveland "fans" is silly.