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Originally Posted by Irwin20 View Post
Last year IH could probably have advanced pretty far in D1. No idea about this coming season. I know they have a couple of very good girls but not sure about their depth. You are right the conference is pretty weak but in the past they have tried to play a good non conference schedule.
Are you serious about the CHL being a weak conference? They are all public schools, 3 of which have been to a D2 State Title game (4 total games) and 2 state champions. If you could list me a better D2 public conference in Ohio that year in and year out wins district and regional titles and does it the right way please let us know. I guess if you don't beat the system or draw from all over the city you are considered a weak group of schools. Indian Hill is a HEAVY favorite to repeat in D2 and it won't be close.
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