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So the head coach pretty much had someone else set the team? I know I bash club all the time and the reasons are for times like these. These big club coaches with their little licenses think they have the keys to the sport. It's not rocket science if a kid can play or not, that's the worst decision I've heard. I don't want to hear about bias from one school to the next excuse either, if you are the coach and you were picked to the job, pick your own team.

Yeah its a bizarre situation. I think its being done to give the new head coach a way to deflect from his decisions. The CUP coaches that put on the camp made some odd decisions. For example, there are several high level elite players on JV and they are playing behind rec and low level players on varsity. Also, there was a heavy emphasis on grade level as opposed to talent level. We'll see how it plays out but hopefully the head coach does the right thing as he stated he would in the off season.
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