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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
I can only guess that if you are in this camp, you also feel the Reds should bring up Hunter Green, the 18 year old they just drafted a few months ago and start him opening day...

Absolute silliness...Senzel will be in Cincinnati when he earns his spot there.
Did I say that? Senzel is much further along than Green, obviously. Did you fall and hit your head?

So let me ask you, what does "earns it" mean to you? When he is a better player than Scooter? I assume that's what you mean. Are the Reds re-building or not? Is Scooter part of the rebuild for the future? Is Senzel?

The Reds need to find out if their young guys can play. Hopefully one more year of this garbage (90+ losses), and then 2019 we can think about competing. I'd vote that in 2018 the Reds find out if:
- can Peraza be the guy at SS?
- can Senzel be the guy at 2B?
- is Winkler a guy we can count on in the OF?
- Can Suarez, Duvall, Schebler repeat/improve a little at their spots?
- and of course, will the young SP guys take the next step?

In the off-season, can we get a little trade value (Catcher and/or bullpen help) for Cozart, Hamilton, and/or Scooter?

Reds are staring at possibility of 90 losses again in 2018, unless the young SP guys progress. Why wouldn't they learn about Senzel while this is unfolding?
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