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Originally Posted by Monclova Steve View Post
Practically all of your posts on here have nothing to do with the Cincinnati Reds -- which, of course, is the point of the thread. They only are personal attacks aimed at 14Red.
Why you are doing this is beyond me, but you are showing no expertise or interest in rebutting any of the points that 14Red has made (ones that I almost always disagree with myself). You are only exposing yourself as a mean-spirited individual who doesn't have the ability to express a cogent argument to rebut 14Reds' opinions.
Calling someone names actually makes you look not only small, but your presumption of greater intelligence than an idiot only seems to be residing in your own head.
The more respect that you treat others with, the more respect you might earn.
In the few times 14Red has made posts that deserve actual rebuttals, I have given them. If 14Red wants to be treated as anything other than an idiot, he should stop posting like an idiot. But next time I need a holier than thou grandfather advice, I'll ask for it.
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