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Originally Posted by bdhof View Post
Once again I'm fine tuning my points. I thought I used "returning bonus points" for my "bonus advantage" for PSU, but when I recalculated it, it should have been 10.5 and not 11.5. Then I realized that I left off Campbell (1 bonus pt) and McKenna (1.5 bonus pts), so that closes the gap to 8. With Suriano still in limbo, the team score looks like this:

A) PSU with Suriano 141 + bonus advantage 8 = 149 points
B) PSU w/o Suriano 127.5 + bonus advantage 8 = 135.5 points

A) OSU with Nate at 125, McKenna at 149 and Micah at 157 = 144.5 points
B) OSU with Nate at 125, McKenna at 141, Hayes at 149 and Micah at 157 = 143.5 points

So with Suriano at PSU, tOSU is down either 4.5 or 5.5. W/o Suriano, OSU is up 8 or 9.

More Fake News from bdhof........ the system is rigged! Go Bucks!
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