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Originally Posted by HTFF View Post
The estate tax is not about tax dollars and the revenue it raises(very little). It's about a philosophical question of equity
Is it fair to double tax a small portion of society on dollars they paid taxes on once in an effort to avoid so called (dynasty's)
Only if one considers them to have been under-taxed in the first place. Or if one believes that they have received disproportionate benefit for participating in our economy through influence and opportunity that is not truly available to all citizens. This kind of thing has to happen when executives are permitted to pay themselves in a manner that is only subject to capital gains taxes. We have a tremendous rolling national deficit, in case you missed that.

The ability to amass great heaps of wealth is probably a decent litmus test for my two qualifiers. I'm sure some honest folks could come up with a few others.

Inheritance taxes should be applied in a progressive manner just like income taxes.

Originally Posted by HTFF View Post
Save and try to pass it along to others and you are punished
I think part of people's embrace of this tax is that they don't understand it and part is base jealousy of those who pay it
Most states (Ohio) have done away with it
I don't understand the desire to continually punish a very small portion of society for their success
People will only pay so much regardless of what you legislate
Go back in time 50-60 years when we had tax rates in excess of 70%
People brought their effective rate to what they felt was acceptable through their own devices
No one is being punished. Climb down from that cross. A better man has already been there.

CEOs exercising stock options for 6, 7, and 8 figure pay days are taxed at a lower rate than the friggin' plumber that fixes the leak under my sink, for God's sake. WTH is wrong with some of you people ? Are you stupid ? If you aren't worth multiple millions, I say you're clueless.

One of the basic Biblical principles is more should be asked from those of us with greater blessings in life. It's even applied to going beyond tithing in New Testament thought. The church and begging was the social safety net in those times, now it's gubmint. These wealthiest individuals have no qualms about using gubmint to build their wealth.

Some "conservatives" like to remind us that the Nation was founded upon Biblical principles, but I guess that there are different limits for everyone.
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