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Originally Posted by Harrycrane View Post
Rocks will compete in the PowerAde 7 on 7 Invitational in North Carolina next week . A lot of talent there , no matter what happens it will be a plus and players will be better for it .

7 on 7 is a good tool for QB'S and Receivers to get some work in , get some chemistry started especially teams with a first year starter like Coffman . Brown at QB looked pretty good from what I heard and saw on the limited tape I saw at Storied rivals

Predictably slots Drennan and Ernst were solid , but a nice surprise or may be that's not the right word considering how athletic he is but Senior Trevor Grady was a difference maker and after not playing for a few years could be a excellent and needed addition to the Receiving corps .

He is a basketball player who is 6-5 and has some hops { some impressive dunks in hoops Jerome slam in the tournament was pretty explosive baseline number } , his ball skills were evident and he could be a force in the red zone presenting match-up issues with smaller DB'S.

Of course the passing game is dependent on the O-Line , which has only one full time starter back but has 4-5 who saw action and had some starts due to injury discipline probs etc. , so not that green as a group.

R-2 is not as arduous or deep as R-3 { R-2 in the two div couple years} where the Rocks have been, and while the Rocks have made the play-offs 10 of the last 11 years { very narrow miss the one year 2008 } they have to be focused to make it back this year and not get too excited about the new region .

Teams on the schedule will be gunning for the Rocks , many lost to them including one who beat them but lost the second one { Davidson } and Springfield who nipped the Rocks isn't on the schedule this year . Rocks were a few plays missed FG'S small gaffe's , game plan problems rom an undefeated regular season last year losing two razor close games { 3 points total }
Wayne outclassed them played better and the Rocks turned it over unforced a few times which furthered the margin .

But some of the teams they handled fairly easily are much better and out for revenge, UA played the Rocks equal last year losing a close one will be good again , Gahanna has talent and wants some revenge , excellent QB Receiver and speed . Olentangy will be very good I believe and was embarrassed last year in Dublin . This year the game is Lewis Center.

Davidson is pis#ED off from the play-off loss , and Scioto was embarrassed , not sure those two clubs have the material to take the Rocks down this year , but in rivalry games strange things happen especially Davidson with revenge .

Good to see Pickerington Central on the scrimmage ledger albeit part of a 4 way with ST Chuck's and Toledo Central Catholic , but even if the first scrimmage a god measuring stick going against what most believe is the top team in Central Ohio .

Scrimmage 2 and 3 are the same as last year, with DeSales for the third straight year with may be their best overall team in a while and Westerville Central who the Rocks beat up a bit last year but will be improved this year and would probably want to show the Rocks more than they did .

LB Boateng has made his verbal to Mich State , and is looking very fast in the off season and is up towards 220 from about 195- 200 at this time last year . LB Crabtree has an offer from Colorado State and a few other 1-AA schools and also is running well looking faster and is at about I would guess also 215 -220 . LB Hoak has a high 1-AA offer from Youngstown State and hopefully he gets a MAC offer or another D-1 offer soon .
He is the most productive of the LB'S is the strongest physically at about 220 , an inch or two shorter than the other two but has the best instincts and hits the hardest and calls the signals , but in this age of college football with preponderance of the spread offense , 40 times are as important as the three point shot has become in basketball .

There are football players like Hoak who get overlooked because of a time that is just off their criteria but would often be better football players than the kid they take based off of the shuttle run or 40 time but never sees the field . Kids like Hoak often end up walking on at d-1 levels and playing over recruited kids because they are tougher work harder are smarter have better instincts and are more productive . HAPPENS ALL THE TIME . MAC schools among others are missing out on this kid .

Defensive back is not nearly as set as Linebacker is but the talent and material is solid , 7 on 7 is helping kids get reps covering people and gives the coaches things to think about , but of course camp and scrimmage time is when the players separate themselves with the way they tackle and their physical play .
Uh Mr. Harry, 7 on 7 is a major waste of time.Football in shorts is just a beauty contest. Unimportant and a total waste of practice time. Picks and off interference occurs on almost every play.
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