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Originally Posted by FormerWildcat View Post
I agree. I generally believe that the "recruiting market" is pretty efficient. .
^^ This.

And like most 'efficient markets', there is nothing preventing it from being self-correcting. They read wrong and grab a kid they shouldn't, he'll flame out, like big lineman from Glenville that OSU took a few year's back (name escapes me but he was not even good in HS, just big).

On the flip side, if they all miss a kid with P5 talent who slips to IAA or DII, that kid should excel and stand out and be able to transfer up, right?

This latter scenario is extremely, extremely rare in my opinion. I'm sure there are examples, but I can't think of many. That alone tells me that the recruiters get it right most of the time, and when they miss it is taking kids they shouldn't, not passing on kids they should have taken. I think this is further evidenced by the fact that you see a lot more transfers down than transfers up.
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