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get that some players are a couple inches short , a bit slow or stiff, to get multiple offers, my point of reference is with players I have seen play, Boatang at Coffman WHO has multiple offers is someone I didn't mention because he is an outside LB , another one at Inside LB is Asamoah at DeSales who I think is a good prospect who Kentucky is looking hard at Who I have seen play and has good speed at about 205-210 pounds .

My frame of reference is now, while Griffin doesn't have ideal HT and speed , he doesn't PLAY SLOW, he isn't markedly slower than these guys in other words , he isn't markedly smaller either and in some cases stronger and bigger than some.

So it merely puzzles me at this point that he doesn't , but my guess and I would bet on it that once the MAC schools who like most schools AIM ABOVE their league for recruits don't get the big -10 CRUMBS they wanted, spots will open up and he will get an offer at the D-1 level .

My Patriots reference was made to point out that they get those IT FOOTBAL guys wh are on the smaller side may be { Danny Woodhead was very productive} Tedy Brushi ? Did scouts drool over Rob Minkovitch's measureable,s ? Mike Vrabel couldn't play in Pittsburgh ,probably was a step slow and his hips were a bit stiff may be ? Kind of an integral part of the program as they calL it in NE?

If he was actually SLOW , wouldn't have mentioned it. he isn't slow, , he isn't too small and he is tough and productive, a better football player than some of these guys who have more fluid hips and a bit quicker in the 40 , but don't have the toughness instinct and attitude which schools find out every year .

You need the jaguars , the speed demons and the guys who look a bit better in the uniform to take chances on , some hit some bust, with a kid like this the BUST potential is minimal even if say at the MAC level he never becomes a full time starter , he wil be more of an asset than some players who project higher or have a higher ceiling .

If you only recruit by numbers and where you think their ceiling is , you miss out and will be lacking in some key elements of football is my point.

And to repeat, this isn't a case of a 5-9 and a half 200 pound weight room warrior type with heavy legs , high school tackling machine NOT getting love based on stats and production , I GET LIMITATIONS, bu with this player I don't see massive limitations , although I do know recruiting is based on sheer POTENTIAL and growth potential , and that makes solid even superior players to these potential kids fall through some cracks .

I think it wil work itself out and a program or two at the D-1 level will offer the solid,steady smart tough player but it may not come until the more flashy UPSIDE POTENTIAL KIDS choose to go elsewhere.
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