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There were many teams that turned us away from a home and home series. Probably for many of the same reasons we don't want to see Wayne or pick central during the season.

But the truth of it is would you rather play an elite program with a high probability of a loss and no playoffs, or take on a probable win with more Harbins, get a better draw in the playoffs, win one, and play week12? Ask any of the boys on the team, easy choice. I now there are no guarantees, but I would rather see my boy play in a few more games. And who knows, the ball may bounce our way this year. Also, as a dad of one of those players where this may be the last year he plays, I want to see him in as many games as possible.

Call me a homer, but this year could be a special year for the kids to remember for the rest of there lives. If the stars align, we move to R2, go into the playoffs undefeated or one loss, get the ball to bounce our way, the boys may get a game in the shoe. I know it's a long shot, but we fans can always hope right?
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