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2015 OCC Central had 5 play-off teams within the league. Last year Coffman played 5 play-off teams and two who were play-off quality teams , UA beat Pick Central earlier on and Gahanna was very competitive with play-off teams , lost some really tough close games .

Olentangy was a playoff team but fairly young and Coffman hammered them . This year it will be a really competitive close game against them IMO. They didn't schedule those teams { Gahanna , Olentangy} they were assigned to play them like everyone else is no in the new OCC.

They started with Springfield and then Scioto who both made the play-offs and Scioto won a game{ Massillon} . Fairfield was third a pay-off team both years Coffman played them { Split the two game series} . And of course the rest of the teasm are league foes can't choose to play them or not play them .

So this notion that they schedule WEAK is simply not true . So they should play Wayne , lose and may be not make the play-offs after playing the aforementioned quality schedule , when the fact is they play Wayne every year in the play-offs anyway? How does that make sense ?

This year the schedule includes a more than not play-off team at least recently Gahanna with a excellent QB and one of the top couple receivers in the the region in Columbus Academy transfer Bruckner. Olentangy an perennial play-off team with a ton of starters back .

Perrysburg replaces Springfield and has bene a very solid program overall the last 5 or so years , who is D-2 but is about 8 students away from being D-1 { Second largest D-2 team in the state} and that game is one the road { 2.5 hours away } .

Scioto is a rivalry game in week two , should win that one . UA I hear has some transfers and has a solid couple classes . Davidson isn't as good as they used to be overall but it is still a game that can go either way . So I think while the Canada game suks and won't help them prepare whatsoever for the top programs certainly , it isn't as if they didn't try to schedule a better opponent , a few solid programs said no thanks { Lancaster I believe was one?} Scrumper can help me out on that one may be ?

But with the schedule as it is , not saying it is incredibly trying but some real tough road games { Davidson , Perrysburg ??, Olentangy with revenge and a ton of kids back , UA always a dog fight has talent and they consider Coffman their biggest rival , not playing Wayne in week three I feel was the right decision, seeing as though they have played them so frequently in the play-offs.

Certainly ,and I am not bashing them because sometimes teams aren't as strong as you thought when you did schedule the game , DeSales had given their talent level last year an easier schedule than Coffman did .

I realize most out here responding are anti Coffman , but their schedules the last few years have not been weak overall , Liberty's wasn't that tough last year, props for going to PA , but that team wasn't great , Glenville? MEH . They do step up and play Wayne and should be commended for it, and PC has had some good schedules { but have played some weaker teams as well } but Coffman playing Springfield , Fairfield and keeping the game with Scioto the last two years isn't a weak choice.

So their schedule is set up to make the play-offs? ARE YOU SAYING THE central is really weak ? HMM not in 2015 it certainly wasn't and it wasn't last year, UA didn'[t make the play-offs despite beating Pick Central couldn't have bene that weak and they had no choice but to play Gahanna and Olentangy in home and home's , both not bad programs certainly , play-offs more than not .
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