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Originally Posted by simkon View Post
I don't put a lot of weight into records or head to head results.
St. Henry beat DSJ 34-7, Fort Recovery beat DSJ 21-14 that was one common opponent. St Henry also beat Minster 30-7, that was the best opponent they beat I don't care that they only had a 6-4 record either. Fort Recovery only barely beat Minster by 1 point. Fort Recovery got killed by Coldwater but St. Henry only lost by 3 points in a really close game. I can go on and on but overall St. Henry has a slight edge over Fort Recovery despite the head to head result. To me St. Henry played one of their worst games against Fort Recovery and Fort Recovery played on of their best games. I think St. Henry would beat Fort Recovery 2 times out of 3 based on everything that I have seen.
Fair enough.... at least it is a well thought out argument even if I disagree on the last line.
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